Long Term TNT Review


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Dec 5, 2000
I got my first custom folder, a Tom Mayo large TNT just a bit over a year ago now. I thgought it might be nice to post a review of how thie knife has been doing as an EDC for that time., so here goes.

I ordered this knife directly from Tom, got a Talonite blade with a recurve. As soon as I opened up the package on the day it came I loved the looks. Very nice and clean, contoured handles with all those wonderful holes. It felt great in my hand, and in my pocket. I started carrying and using it as my EDC immediatly. Before that I had been using different knives, including a Sebenza and some other high end production folders. After I got the TNT they all just pretty much sat on the shelf. Sure when I got a knew knife I would carry it for a day or so, but I always quickly found my way back to the TNT.

The titanium frame lock design and lightening holes make the knife increadibly light and slim. It carries very easily in any of the pants I wear, well mostly jeans ;) so no big surpirse there. It is also very ergonomic, and feels like it was made to fit my hand. Opened up everything just falls nicely into place, and I have a very secure and comfortable grip on the knife. Lockup is of course great, tight as can be in all directions, and has remianed that way since I got it.

I really like the opening hole, and have come to prefer it over most thumb studs now. Opening and closing is efortless with this knife, and oh soo smoooth you need to feel it to believe it. I like the Talonite blade, my only real problem with it is psycological. It will take a great edge, that will shave hairs effortlessly from my arm. Use it to cut a few boxes, or whatever and it looses that sharp as can be feeling. It will still be able to shave hairs, although needing to use a tiny bit of pressure now. It will hold this edge for a super long time, through many many cuts, more than I have ever tested. This is a very minor problem for me for some strange reason as I am obsessed with keeping my blades super sharp. I have/am learning to live with it as I realize that most other steels would do much worse, maybe holding a sharper edge for a bit longer and then going dull much faster. Bottom line is that the blade will hold a great working edge for longer than I have ever needed, and that is what I need a good working edge. The great part is that when I am done cutting, if I want to resture that effortlessly shaving sharp edge all it needs is a few strokes on the white Sharpmaker rods!

In case you couldn't tell I really love the knife, and woudn't sell it ever. I have not found any other knife, custom or production that I have kept in my pocket longer than this. This knife is a true EDC, it is in my pocket just about everyday, probably just about 360 days a year! Now my fun is just trying to find a knife that can come close to this one for me. Currently on order is a 3.5" DDR EDC, just because I liked the Camillus version so much I think it might be able to come close. I will have to wait and see...
May 12, 2001

Great review. I do agree with you about the ergonomics and cutting quality of the Mayo folders. Nice to see a review of a great custom knife.