Looking for a folder, your thoughts/suggestions?

Jul 2, 1999
Hi Folks,

I'm somewhat new to the world of quality knives. I am looking for a folder for daily carry. Somewhat dressy as it is a B-day present to myself. Blade no longer than 3 inches for legal pocket carry in WA. Plain edge and has a pocket clip. My only other good knives are Buck folders but I want something smaller/lighter/pocket legal than my #110.

I'm leaning towards a Spyderco Calypso Jr. with micarta sides and possibly a rescue jr. for hiking/bicycling/hunting as a complement to my (too much abused) Buck 110.

What are the opinions of these two Spydercos? I am not familiar with the other brands so are there other knives in similar price ranges I should look at?


David S.
The Calypso Jr is a great knife to consider. I have its big brother, and I LOVE it. The VG-10 steel is great stuff, and this knife is wickedly sharp. Takes an edge great, too. I think Jr. uses AUS-8, but with a thin flat grind like that knife has any steel will cut like a champ. The Micarta handles are nicely done, too. I would recommend plain edge for a gentleman's folder. More useful for everyday tasks and also less threatening. As far as Spyderco goes, their prices are great, their availability is great, their customer service is unsurpassable, and I see no reason why not to make them your exclusive supplier of factory production knives! :)

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I would recommend the Spyderco Rescue without a pause, I think it is one of their best pieces as well as showing what a good serrated blade was designed for. In the price range you are looking at it is very hard to beat Spyderco.

If you like the Calypso Jr., you should also check out the David Boye lockback folder. I recommend the one with the Spyderco hole in the blade for opening. Great little knives with excellent steel. The other cool thing about them is that you can get them with art etched onto the blades, and with custom handle scales from the David Boye Gallery. Check it out:


The micarta Calypso Jr. is distinctive and classy looking, and performs astoundingly well. Good choice!

How much you lookin' to spend? Any Spydie's with sub-3inch blades would be great; see their website to pick one out and see features and then refer to some of the internet discount knife sites linked on this forum to place an order (e.g. www.discountknives.com, or www.knifecenter.com) and save a good deal of money. My only thought on the matter is that a Spyderco may not be dressy enough for you. Check out their dressier options and post back what you think.
I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with any of the options presented, but I’d definitely recommend the Spyderco Calypso Jr. It’s a great size and configuration for daily carry, the Micarta scales are much more elegant than Zytel and the flat-ground blade is sooooo sharp. The only area for improvement in my opinion is the steel (although I’ve never had any problems with the AUS8). Get one while you can…

The Spyderco Delica isn't as dressy with its Zytel handle, but is cheaper, roughly the same size (maybe lighter) and uses ATS-55 steel which should hold its edge better than AUS-8.

Maybe another candidate is the Benchmade 330 "Gent". Pearl handles would boost the cost over the normal G-10 scales, but definitely a fine small lightweight knife in an ATS-34 blade, tho it doesn't sport a clip.
Definitly pick up a Spydy Calypso Jr, either with the micarta handles and a flat grind, or with the ss handles and a hollow grind, whichever suits you. I'll be getting one soon, I just want to handle the actual knife I will buy before I get it.

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Go for the Calypso Jr. in micarta. I've got one and it's great! Comfortable, ergonomic handle, smooth opening, and a great little flat-ground blade that takes one hell of an edge. Not to mention it's really classy, much more so than zytel. You can't go wrong with this one.

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Go with the Calypso Jr. Micarta!

The Rescue or Rescue Jr. would be an excellent knife for outdoor cutting of fibrous things such as rope, or even push cuts on cardboard.
As far as the Delica, I love it! But the '98 version (a definite improvement) also has a slightly longer blade at just over 3".
You have already made two great choices yourself, (as the reactions of the other forumites attest). As viable alternatives do yourself a favor and check out the BM #330 Gent, (as Longden suggested), and the new Spyderco #C57 "Toad". In my opinion the BM Gent is a GREAT little pocket knife but as Longden alluded to, it doesn't have a pocket clip, but it's worth a look. The new "Toad", (which I just recently aquired), is a wonderful little folder that DOES have a pocket clip and even though it's Spyderco's smallest folder, you'll be amazed at this little guy's quality and cutting ability.
It appears as though the decision has already been made, but if you actually intend to use this knife to cut things, clean your nails, open mail, whittle a whistle for the kid next door, sharpen a pencil, etc. I think it prudent to look at the sort of thing that has been used for those tasks for a century or more.

Of course it doesn't have a hole in the blade nor a pocket clip, and it surely shouldn't have a serrated blade, but a standard (they come in any size you could wish for) multi-blade folder is able to do anything you ask of it. These things are made by some fine companies and custom makers and are available today because they have proven to be so very useful for so very long. You can even get them with carbon steel blades if you look carefully.

Desert Rat

You may not want to wait long enough that these knives come out, but I'd also suggest the Calypso Jr. Lightweight - VG10 steel, flat ground. Also the BM 705 Mini Axis. Both should be available next month, I think.

JP Bullivant