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Looking for a Good "Car-Trunk" Knife


May 28, 1999
I'm looking to add a fixed blade knife to the other emergency gear I currently keep in the trunk of my car. I don't want to spend over $50 because it won't get used much and if it's stolen I don't want it to be a problem to replace it. However, I'm not real certain what's out there at this price. So far I've found the Glock Field Knife and the Cold Steel Bushman. However, I'd really appreciate any advice you can offer on this matter.

Get the Bushman. You should be able to find it for less than $15.00. Everyone should have at least one. There is also a Mini-Bushman that was to be available last December but, I have not seen any yet.
If you want to spend more money than for a bushman order one of the seconds from Cold Steel.. You cannot go wrong there

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The KaBar fighting knife should do the trick.

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I have two Cold Steel knives as my "trunk knives". The SRK and the Master Hunter. Both are factory seconds so they can get the crap beaten out of them and it's no big deal. They are both in outstanding working shape and I've yet to see why they were classified as "seconds".
I love having them there as I am a Boy Scout at heart and thoroughly believe one should "Always be Prepared". You need a stout as all Hell knife? The SRK is kind of a tough one to beat. Check out the Cold Steel "seconds" as beater knives. They are worth every dollar you spend on them, IMHO.

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I think a Bushman is perfect for a trunk knife, an inexpensive hatchet is a good bet also. I use both.

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I keep a Gerber SportAxe and a Buck Nighthawk in the truck. Both less than $50.
Check out my KaBar in the Individual For Sale Forum - just what the doctor ordered.

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Both are factory seconds so they can get the crap beaten out of them and it's no big deal. They are both in outstanding working shape and I've yet to see why they were classified as "seconds".

If money not an option,try looking at the BK&T line...some good stuff, but mostly around $100.

If money a problem...look no further than the Cold Steel Bushman...AWESOME!

Steve in NYC

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In addition to whatever knife you choose-throw a Cold Steel shovel in the trunk also. A decent impact weapon and can be pulled out and seen in situations in which you're relicant to display a knife. Its a sturdy little shovel too.


I'll second(
) the SRK(trunk), Bushman(backpack) and the Glock Field Knives. They are not a Maddog, but its what I can afford to lose.

All of my experience with metal in the trunk, with it's constant changes of hot to cold, cold to hot, is that they inevitably rust. This is why my trunk knife is an old Forschner, 7" chef's knife with a well oiled 3/16 thick blade. Works for me. John
A couple months ago, Brigade Quartermaster had some modified Ka-Bars, with a saw-edge on spine of blade, and a small serrated section at base of blade, with a Kydex sheath. $30. They were a limited purchase thing, I think made by Camillus. Anyway, Ka-Bars are probably most numerous "survival" knives out there, and the ability to do some sawing persuaded me to buy them, rather than the plain type I carried in 'Nam.

I agree with the Cold Steel "seconds" AND the Glock knife. I've really come to like the Glock. Feels good in hand and has a neat sheath. Also, they've had a nice price reduction in the recent past and are a bargain. Just get one WITHOUT the saw teeth and keep a thin coat of oil on it. They will rust in a heartbeat.
Are you going to have something else with which to chop in that trunk? An axe, hatchet, machete, or perhaps a folding saw? Do you also have a prying tool? If so, then consider a thinner knife like the Mora 2000 survival knife ($26). If the knife might have to do some prying, there's nothing like a CS SRK second, I have one in my trunk. If the knife is also going to be your primary chopping tool, the CS Bushman might just fill the bill in your price range. Otherwise, I can't think of any really good knives that are also good choppers at under $50.
My trunk carries: Cold steel shovel.
Kabar USMC. Camillus electrician knife. Seems to be a hard working combo. They see little use, but I am confident in them.

Get a nice little 14"-15" Village Model khukuri from Himalayan Imports.
It will chop, dig, cut or can be used as a pry bar and for around $40.00 give or take a few $ will be the best solution for a car
And who cares if it
There's enough steel in it that even if it does rust it will still last your lifetime and will always be seviceable.
However as long as there's a bit of oil on the blade and it's left in the scabbard that comes with it rusting hasn't been a problem for me.
I have a larger one 17" in my truck and 2 small ones in the car and when they come up for sale again I will probably get another for my truck.



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