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Dec 18, 2000
My wife and I are buying land to put a double-wide on and I have already spent 4/5 hours chopping through brush just to find the four corners of the lot. I've been using a 12" Ontario blackie collins camper machete and a Government issue Ghurka Kuri, Sometimes both at the same time. The Ghurka is a little heavy and a little short, not to mention dull. The camper machete does okay but could stand to be a little longer and a little heavier. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good solution. I've been looking a larger Ontario Machete 18" or 22". How about a Newt Livesay RTAK or Wasp, or Entrek Destroyer, or a Busse Battle Mistress or A Smatchet? Any others? All of those just mentioned are a little high (to me). Like I said I've been buying machetes. Any suggestions?

If you go to the GurkaHouse and the Himilayan Imports links here in BladeForums, people can steer you to the best of the Real Nepalese Khukuris for chopping and or slashing. I also have the Indian issue Khuk. It is nothing as compared to the ones that you can get from the mentioned sites. You can get looong ones for brush clearing. You can get heavy ones for serious wood chopping. Much better than machetes and the Indian Khuk. Good luck in your search.

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Nwet Livesay makes a great looking little machete, too. I can't think of its name, but it's on the website and sure does look sweet. It had 3/16th" steel, as opposed to your Ontario at approx. 1/8th", so it will be a little beefier and pack better punch. Camillus will soon be shipping the Bush Hog, which also looks very promising.

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It really does seem to matter what you are cutting. A good long Martindale Crocodile Brand machete (22") is awesome on briars and such but for thicker stuff I have found NOTHING that cuts better than my Ontario Soft Beak machete. Yes, it is an ugly thing but nothing, will chop better. (It is MUCH better than the other styles from Ontario and is only about $12 from discountknives.com)
Go over to Himalayn Imports and find a Khukuri that you might like. They are worlds apart from those Indian government ones. I have both and there is no comparison.
If you can afford it, NO QUESTION, go with the Battle Mistress. Either the custom or the basic. I do alot of fieldwork that requires cutting trails through brush and woodlands. Bar none, the BM is the blade of choice. As Jerry put it, "Its the ultimate in hacking equipment". I have 2. Happy hacking.

Yes, you should definitely consider the BK&T Brute from Camillus.

I got one receltly and I think it will do the job, if preliminary testing is any indication. I also have a Himalyan Imports BAS Kukri, which is very nice, but I think the Brute is more versatile and more comfortable to use. At least for me, anyway.

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BUSSE BATTLE MISTRESS all the way baby, it keeps going and going and going, like the energizer bunny, .......