Looking for a good folder under $40? Check out OE Field Lites

Kodiak PA

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Dec 3, 1998
I posted a mini review in the OE forum but it bears repeating here. I am very impressed with this knife. The OE Field Lite designed by our own David Bloch comes in two blade styles. Clip and spear point. I opted for the spear point. It comes in a partially serrated model, too.

The handle is zytel and though not a big fan of zytel handles....I love the grip on this thing. It's called Tri-Mond and the textured grip is a triangle/diamond hybrid that works well. There is a lanyard hole, too. The knife is a lock back and locks up very tight with an authorative snap..

The steel is AUS8 and though not a big fan of A8, I was looking for a beater ala Cold Steel Voyager and this knife is every bit as good and probably a better skinning knife due to the blade shape. The action is pure and sweet. Like I said, locks up nicely. No blade play at all. Not even that lock-back rock that sometimes happens in lower end lockback folders. The blade comes very sharp out of the box. It has a reversible thumb stud for one hand opening and on the rear of the spine of the knife has a nice thumb grip, partially concaved in shape. Very comfortable. Nice design, here.

The pocket clip is interesting, too. The clip is integrated into the back of the round butt end of the knife. Very smooth and the contour of the pocket clip doesn't stick out like 99% of the other clips out there. OE guarantees the clip should it break and though it is removable, the paperwork says if you remove it, it will void the warranty. I noticed the clip really helps you facilitate opening the blade by giving your 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers something to rest on. The only concern I have regarding the clip is that it is not the securest clip I have ever had--so make sure it doesn't fall out of your pocket. The older style Cold Steel Voyager series clips were the same way though from what I read they broke more so they changed them to a metal clip. As a rule, I never trust a pocket clip, not even on my Al Mar Sere 2000 and that knife has about the most secure clip I have ever seen.

For cutting efficiency the spear point version has a very thin false edge. The blade length is 3 5/8" with an OAL 8.25" open. It weighs an just 3 oz. It has a hollow grind edge and it is razor out of the box and I mean razor. I don't have the clip point knife just yet but the shaving test i did on this knife passed with flying colors. I made confetti this evening and it is a blast watching all that paper just fall to the floor. All I did was strop it at the end of the night and put in some Tuf-Glide and wiped her down with some Tuf-Cloth. I'll put the knife through the motions more this week.

For $40, you get a reliable, sharp and very well designed skinning/utility knife with a fit and finish I did not expect. Looking for a knife sort of in the Voyager family and you should consider this one. I feel that this could even be a primary carry knife and this comment comes from a certified knife snob.

David Bloch must know his knives, 'cause this is a good one. This is the first OE knife I have owned and I think I will get the clip point, too.

Anyone else have this knife? Thoughts?


~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska
Who sells them? Do you have any pics?

Dennis Bible
Hi Dennis,
I got mine from Bayyou Laforche Knife Works...for $38. Check 'em out Here

Take care.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

Many thanks for your support and we greatly appreciate the Field-Spear review. I believe these are some of the best quality and ergonomic Zytel folders on the market.

With the decline in demand for Zytel lockbacks, this line is a bit of a sleeper however your review should help spark some new interest in these models. At $38 I agree the Field-Spear offers a solid bang for the buck. Thanks again.

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