Looking for a Krait review!

Oct 27, 1998
Does anyone have one of these yet. I'd really like to know. The banner from Darrel Ralph's Krait titanium w/carbon fiber inserts looks like a knife for me. I'm expecting $$, this looks like the knife of the future...any feedback. Does anyone else sell these knives?...wholesaler/retailers other than the Darrel website? I tried contacting them from the # on the site and got a "he doesn't have this # anymore. Darrel if you're listening please let me know. Your knives seem truly impressive! Thanks.


Hi Salmon - for a review of the Krait, go <a href="http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/Rapids/5861/kraitrev.html">HERE</a>. This review was written by a buddy of mine, Tim Flanagan of Nor'east Knives.

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We have an auto version which is really beyond words. ALL DAMASCUS! The regular run is every bit as good as any knife he makes. Smooth and very funtional for a high tech design. You could not go wrong and the looks are really sweet.

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Salmon just so you know, these are handmade knives. Darrel sells them exclusively, you may find a reseller with one here and there. As ABC said they have an all-damascus version. I have had a regular Ti manual version for awhile and an auto FULL dress version enroute to me as we speak. To say I like this knife is an understatement. Killer design, extremely well made, first rate materials, sole authorship, and the #1 "good guy" maker in the business to back it up. IMHO. Anyway he recently moved, his new phone number is (740)965-9970. As a side note, the Kraits are almost done. He set a limit of 50 manual and 50 automatic and the end is near. If you want one, you might want to act soon. If you have any more questions feel free to email me...jeff
Thanks for the Kind words folks. The phone number is 740-965-9970 as Jeff said''

I want to mention that the Krait Titanium knives are sold through Robertson Custom Cutlery as the sole dealer and myself.

Les play a big part in getting this knife on the market also.

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Darryl's Krait is in a class of its own. See the Most Attractive Folder thread under "General."