looking for a large folder (SIFU?)


Jan 31, 2001
hi - thinking of getting a large folder, ya can carry up to a 5 1/2" blade in tx so thought i would get something on the large side - thinking about the REKAT SIFU, anyone out there carry 1 EDC? i heard they will open up in your pocket due to tip up carry? any experiences like this? right now i have a large CS gunsite, 5", but want a liner or axis lock - any suggestions appreciated - it would replace my BM AFCK (maybe anyway, have bought 2 knives to 'replace' it though, good knife, i think this is just an excuse to buy a knife LOL) in summer carry - carry a MOD razorback in the winter - but just kinda want something over 4", since its legal, go for it get the 'magnum' version right??

thanks guys

I carry my D2 Sifu daily (except at school & work because there's a 5" limit there, but home, nights, & weekends I have it). No problems with accidental open because I ditched the clip and carry it tip-down in a slip sheath IWB. Here's my writeup of the Sifu: http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum22/HTML/000661.html
Even clipped tip-up, it doesn't feel like it would open on its own - the blade is held closed pretty well. The pressure of the Rolling Lock holding the blade closed feels like that of a very good ball detent - actually it's more secure than even a very good ball detent. I haven't heard of accidental openings, and I wouldn't worry about it. If you've just heard that tip-up is bad for this reason, it's usually tip-up linerlocks that have this problem. If you've heard of Sifus opening in the pocket, I can't really see that happening much.

The 710hs is a good replacement for the AFCK also (mostly replaced mine), but it's the same size.

Get the Sifu.

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