Looking for a quality linerlock for around $60 or $70

Jul 19, 1999
I'm looking for a linerlock utility folder in the $60 or $70 range. I have been looking at Spydercos and Benchmades recently, but my mind is still open. Does anyone have any suggestions?
In your price range, be sure to look at the CRKT M-16.I believe reviews are posted to this forum. For the money, its a steal!
Go with Kershaw. I'm unfamiliar with Spidercos (never appealed to me), but the quality control of Kershaw is known to be better than Benchmade even though Kershaws don't cost as much.
My favorite linerlock is the Wegner. It's a tough, solid little knife. Mine's the Jr., a 2 7/8 plain edge, and usually it's this or a Delica as my daily carry.
Top of Texas Knives had it for $67. www.toptexknives.com

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Be sure to check the new Brend folders from Boker. They're a little more upscale than some of the others, especially with Cocobola handles and Ti bolsters.

Don't forget to pay your taxes...they eventually become my knives:)

If you can get a Spyder Wegner Jr. in your price range, I'd grab it immediately, especially since the Jr. model is off of the production list for 2000.

The Spyder Wegner is one of the most comfortable, sturdy, useful knives you'll ever own.
I think you can get a Benchmade mini-Stryker for $70. Happy hunting, and let us know what you decide on

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For my money, the best knife in the $50-$60 range is the Carson CRK&T M-16s. You have 3 sizes to choose from and even though I prefer drop points I like this tanto style more than any other I have seen.

*great price
*solid lockup
*great handle ergos
*the flipper on the larger model is a lot of fun
*good clip design
*solid, hefty piece



Boker's Klotzli (plain anodized aluminum scales) can be had for less than $80 from Discount Knives. The Benchmade Leopard Cub and the Tim Wegner Jr. also come to mind.
I like the Klotzlis because they don't rust and do not even attempt dreaded clips

The Benchmade Mel Pardue is pretty nice & in that price range. It's a little small for my hand, but if you like yours medium, it might work well.
I have several spyderco's. Most are saved for good and proper use. But, the one I have carried to work every day for over the last fifteen years, (carpenter and farmer) gets no mercy. Use it for things I shouldn't. Don't know what it is called but it has a metal handle and is approx. four inches closed. Now that I think about it I think it was called their standerd model. The spyder edge almost beyond sharpening now, and it will be a sad day when I have to retire it!.
Thats my two cents worth.
Sounds like you need a Benchmade mini-AFCK. Have you held one?? The best thing to do is try to hold as many of these knives as you can. See which one "feels" the best to you. Good luck and let us know what ya decide.


I love my CRKT M16. Other people have already said what's so cool about it, so just consider this a Me Too.

Jeff Paulsen

I ordered a Kershaw Talon a few days ago(hasn't come yet). I am also looking at the Wegner Jr. and mini stryker. Thanks alot for your input
The M-16 is a nice knife, but I can't stand the bead blast finish on the blade. For the money I would look at the Benchmade 350. It's the small, lightweight version of the Mel Pardue automatic. It is VERY light, has a pretty flush liner-lock mechanism to avoid closure, and is a very good looking knife. The AFCK is probaby your best bet however, since the 350 is by all means a small knife. The AFCK models have those highly functional blade designs, and can be applied to more uses then any other knife in its price range. As for the Stryker, you really need to see one in person before you decide. I thought they were handsome and useful until I held one in person, it looked completely different for some reason. The modified tanto blade is annoying and not very usefull for most of the jobs an all around knife gets used for. Good luck.


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I'm going with the Benchmade Mini Stryker. I don't like the look of the M-16. The look of the AFCK and Mel Pardue are great but the Stryker seems more like the knife for me.
P.S. My Talon came today, I'm very impressed for just $35
I know absolutely nothing about these folders. I really prefer fixed blades,but that isn't always possible.
Through the advice of Danny Chua I bought one of the Kershaw 1416
Talons with the 4" blade. I don't think it is a pretty knife by any means,But (!!!!) I really like it!!
It is light for its size and is tough and holds an edge well.

I was whitleing some Bos'D'Arc which is a very hard wood the other day and it held up excellently. I didn't even have to touch up the edge afterwards.

It also supports the forums store and is one helluva good buy for the price!! Less than what your budget requires too. If there are any left,
I would recommend one of these for anyone.


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I would go with the 1416 or a Spyderco C16. I have been carrying my 1416 now for about a month and without a doubt one of the finest liner lock knives I have ever owned. That includes the SOCOM M/A I owned too. As for a lockback the C16 is in the same ball park as the 1416. Solid and extremely well made.
The Kershaw takes and holds an edge like there is no tomorrow. I can even get that bite like on the edge similar to what I get with carbon steel blades. It is very big and robust for a folder too. Lock up is solid and the liner lock holds too. Keep'em sharp. Oh yea the BF store has them for right 44 bucks which includes the shipping.