Looking for a specific kind of knife

Aug 11, 2010
Hey, i was thinking about doing a project for fun, and i need a knife for it. I was thinking of a knife with a straight, double edged blade between 7-9" long, and preferably easy to remove from the handle without damaging the blade. However, if that is not possible, i can probably use the whole knife, but it should be about 6-7" long. If anyone could help me with this it would be much appreciated.
perhaps a Cold Steel Shanghai Shadow? they're cheap, about $20 online, and the handle comes off with 2 screws. you can see it here on CS's website.
Around $15-20, like i said, its a project that im just doing for fun. Oh, and thanks for the suggestion Sevorius, but im looking for something slimmer, like about half the width of an arm
Smith and Wesson has a 5 inch long boot dagger made out of crap taylor cutlery steel... but it could be something to start with...