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Looking for a wave modification service

Sep 5, 2014
I sense sarcasm, but okay...

It wasn't home made but made to my order by professional and friendly local company. Lock was late but solid when I bought it and sometimes I flicked it more dynamic with thumb disc, so after year there was small lock rock. I imagine what is going on when you have wave feature and use it often especially because I've heard and read about that in few places and saw it in some other models owned by people I know well personally - waved 7, Horsemanx2, CQC-15. You can believe it or not. But when someone has issues with Emerson it's about the lock rock almost always [mostly in waved pieces]. Let's say I've read about it a lot, because I like to dig for new informations. Sending it back is more costly for me and from which I know one guy from here or that another forum sent his Emerson with lock rock back and they did exactly the same thing - new stop pin with bigger diameter. And one Swedish guy if I remember correct, from that other forum with goat did the same job on his waved CQC-7 with new stop pins. Now I use it carefully, without flicking rapidly, no blade play in any directions but I bet if I would start flicking then lock would wear much faster again.

The same issue is in other brands knives with ti liner lock. It's just not good material for lock when you wan't flipper/waved folder. It's why many people don't want flippers without steel lock inserts.

A little offtopic - Personally I think that triadlock is the best type of lock for having wave feature what makes me maybe a Lynn's fanboy in your eyes. But it's based on my experience with Talwar. There is no sign of wear after opening it with wave every time since 3 years. My best knife friend has Emerson Horseman and CS Talwar. He was Emerson fan. But he couldn't stand after while fit and finish, lock issues for that price especially when he saw Talwar in action. Horseman now lies forgotten in a box and CTS-XHP Talwar is his first choice for edc.

Also Fred Perrin once made video showing how wear resistant it is. Try to do it with any titanium liner lock folder.


Shame that CS and Emerson can't make any cooperation.

I just get skeptical when people make statements about how so and so brand has this problem and then when questioned further they've never actually experienced it themselves, that doesn't negate the fact that there very well may be a problem just one of my pet peeves I guess you might say. You initially stated that the titanium liner lock was too weak to handle the stress of waving yet now it seems like you're saying that the stop pin is the actual issue. I won't argue that waving wouldn't be hard on a stop pin, that would be ignorant. I guarentee there are some lame ducks that make it out of Emerson's QC I also think there are a lot of people that do goofy crap like sitting around and just waving for no apparent reason and then getting confused when it wears down. Also if your a CS fan boy, your a fan boy doesn't bother me any, I don't consider myself a fan boy because a fan boy implies to me that the person will ignore any wrongdoing by the company and I know that Emerson's wear down but that's just part of owning any tool and why they have such a great warranty. So when it does wear down you can get it fixed.