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Looking For An Old Imperial Knife

Sep 26, 2000
I am looking for a knife for a friend. He had it for several years and it broke his heart when it disappeared. It had Imperial on the blade which there was two. It was a folder and it did not have a lock. He described the handle as a white micarta with a silver pommel and guard.

Any pictures or links of a knife that might fit this description would be appreciated. Also if there is any place one can be purchased my friend would appreciate it very much.
These will help allot, I'm going to print them out and see if these might be what he is looking for. I asked him last night what the blade length was. He told me the large blade was almost 4" and he thought the small blade was close to 2". I won't see him till next week, when I do I will see if if the search is coming to an end.

Thanks for providing the links.