Looking For Becker Remora 1095 Cro-Van version

Aug 16, 2015
I just received a BK5 and noticed the small sheath on the front of the larger sheath for the Remora. I understand that the small blade used to be included. I have been to several sites and watched review videos. I am confused because many list the blade as 440a and others as 1095 Cro-Van steel, since the change to USA production. Any thoughts on how I can be sure I'm getting the Cro-Van steel version, since many used the same model number, BK-13CP, for both?

Recommended dealers?

One place that looks reputable and has good info on KA-BAR is tomarskabars.com.

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Current information on the KA-BAR website lists it as 1095 Cro-Van.
I see you have this item on your site. Since you were kind enough to reply with the information I needed, I will place my order with your company.