looking for custom pocket clips


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Oct 6, 2006
hello all, i've been lingering around here now for about a few months and i've bought some knives, great deals. i've learned a lot here and was hoping i could get some opinions and advice. i am going to get a sak one hand trekker today :thumbup: and i want a pocket clip on it.. somthing like whats on a spyderco uk pen knife http://www.ted.tweakdsl.nl/spyderco/c94/thumb_c94.jpg does anyone know where i can buy a pocket clip and do this myself?

One way you might go is a Ti job from forumite STR:

On the one hand, he's got lots and lots and lots of happy, satisfied customers. On the other, I can't guarantee he's got one to send you for self-installation (usually he installs them).

There was a thread from way, way back where a fellow used an actual Spydie clip on his OHT. I bet you can find it if you search for "OHT". Came out real nice.

I did one once on my OHT out of a coat hanger. Not beautiful, but serviceable. Don't think I ever posted pics.

And last but not least, www.knifekits.com sells some clips, I bet they've got one that will work. One thing to watch out for is: the scales are fairly thin plastic, and they're hollow. Not a lot of material for the clip to grab onto, really.

Good luck and post pics for everybody when you're done!

That would be a bit of extra work, but it opens the doors for all sorts of beautiful embellishment (funny this should come today- I got a new OHT for Christmas that I'm going to start re-scaling this very evening).

I just thought of one more thing: You might go to the dollar store and buy a chinese POS knife for a buck or three, and use the clip off of it. I mean, if it's a couple bucks to order one online PLUS a couple bucks shipping... you might come out way ahead that way.

Making one yourself from scratch , in that style is going to be very difficult , since it is spring steel.
I would go with Mike's suggestion in finding a cheap pos knife and trying to make it's clip work on your knife. Even if the knife is cheap the clip should be okay...