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Looking for Damascus Steel.. Advice pls.

Feb 5, 2006
I want to buy a modern Damascus folder and have just read up on the MCUSTA knives. http://www.agrussell.com/var/storage/original/image/phpTx1Rkk.jpg
The metal appears to be VG-10 Steel with added Nickel. From my rudimentary high-school chemistry i know that Nickel is far lighter than Tungsten, which was the added metal in Syrian Damascus way back when. I have the suspicion that a 'Damascus' steel made with nickel is largely for show.

Does anyone have any educated guesses as to where to find a more traditional, (heavy) Damascus blade? Any experience with the MCUSTA Damascus.. or other contemporary damascus steel, for that matter?
The Mcusta is like the Shun kitchen knives ,actually a laminate with VG-10 core and stainless steel 'damascus' .They are excellent knives.The term 'damascus ' is difficult to deal with because different things are called damascus. If you mean the 'folded steel' like the agrussell fixed blade you have to choose between carbon or stainless steel .Some stainless is made by Damasteel and is like the Shun ,that is actually from a powder steel process. Now that you're confused ,take your pick !!
In folders you will mainly find stainless damascus (=nickel).

For everything else, check e.g. atar.com
The Mcusta is like the Shun kitchen knives ,actually a laminate with VG-10 core and stainless steel 'damascus' .They are excellent knives.
I didn't intend to insinuate that the Mcsuta knives aren't high quality, in fact I have my eye on one. But to me, since the cutting edge is actually not damascus, that the knife lacks the qualification to be called a "Damascus Blade." I think "Damascus Decorated Blade" would be accurate and appropriate.

Here's an example of a Damascus folder that has an actual Damascus cutting edge:

Using a laminated steel with a core of different material than the rest of blade (like the Mcusta) is more expensive to manufacture and work with.
I think most of the inexpensive Damascus knives from Bear Cutlery and others are solid Damascus also.

Know of any folding knives?

On the same A.G Russel there are several Boker damascus folders - like meteorit damascus of Leopold tank Barrel damascus.

However Suminogash - which is good steel laminated between damscus sides is optimal combination. Damscus by itself does not performs better then monosteel.

Tungsten in syrian damascus is more like legend. There is some hipotises by one polish historian about HSS mountan near Damscus, but it is only his own hipotises.

If you like to read something check this links:





Thanks, Vassili.