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Looking for locations to practice skills

Dec 11, 2006
I live in NJ..open wild places are not as easily accessible and are very restricted and supervised areas. I am looking for ideas where I can get into the woods and practice basic survival skills, especially fire starting, without getting in trouble.
Hey JS..

No state parks or state land nearby ??

What about conservation areas or some type of park..
If they have BBQ pits set up as they do in most of the state parks I've been to,, even some city parks have them..Feel free to practice your fire making skills in there..

Just do it on the ground by the BBQ thing,, and you'll be fine...

Lots of places to go,,just gotta look around..


I spent tuesday night at Stokes state forest in northern NJ, I practiced fire starting. Many county parks have metal or concrete grills in picnic areas, as for shelter building there are plenty of wooded areas, Morris county has a great park system, the wachung reservation has plenty on secluded areas. At this time of year there arent that many hikers on trails so it shouldnt be hard to find a place.

Just be respectful try to use deadfall instead of cutting live. You may be able to find private property if you ask niceley.
I have plenty of parks that I hike and camp in NJ incuding some of the ones mentioned by EMSRESCUE. However, any other park user or authority would probably get me in trouble for starting a fire in the woods. Picnic areas might be OK but not on the ground. I guess I could do it in the elevated grills. Most ground firepits are in the campground areas which are presently closed or off limits unless your a registered camper. Anyway, maybe I'll take a risk in one of the more secluded areas ofWatchung.
If your going to pratice skills at state parks in NJ you've got to go off the trails and a little deeper into the woods. Always be careful when praticing fire skills as you don't want to start a forest fire espically in the summer.
I usually go to the Catskill Mtn area,but I would like to try some spots in Jersey.If you need a partner not to go alone,I'm all in for a weekend.

Shoot me an e-mail. I'm not an expert but I can hold my own.