Looking for Mission MPU, help? anyone?

Apr 19, 1999
I'm currently looking for Mission's MPU's price or dealer but i couldn't seem to find any information anywhere, could anyone tell me how much is the Ti and A-2 cost? And please forgive me for asking this, how thick is 0.165" converted to cm or maybe 1/8"? 3/32"? or 5/32"? And where can i find a dealer? Please help, thanks.

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I'm not sure what your intention was but, foreign 'net users do not always have the easy access a lot of us take for granted.
Mission's website does not offer a lot of the information people ask me. Buying one of their knives is not like buying a Spyderco or Benchmade and, the purchaser generally wants to talk to someone before spending their money and, will not just blindly order from a website.

Mission dealer

1- I didn't (don't) know the individuals
origin. I don't check users profiles.

2- I live in NJ so all my purchases have
come via the net. I purchase by reading
newsgroups, mags and this forum.

I have no idea why you wrote what you wrote
if you have/had addional info feel free to
give it. It was not my intention to mislead the individual.

Thank you

Dear people, i do not mean to start a spark so please take it easy. Sid, thanks for answering for me and it is true that you don't get lots of info. from the Mission site especially price. And i AM really familliar with I.E or Netscape and i'm well aware of the internet capabilities of foreign countries. Believe me, i've search everywhere and found nothing. And if SID had not approach me personally, i would have know nothing. We, over this side of the pacific have almost everthing we need to know about knives and i buy blade or tactical knives magazine every month to keep up with whats going on. So, next time if anyone ever encounter any funny or seemed 'stupid' questions about knives, please be prepared to find foreigners like me. Before i sign off, i would like to thank SID again for giving ample info. on Mission and i do not wish to start anything here. Lets leave it as it is.

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.165" = 4.191mm (25.4 millimeters to one inch.)

Rick of Mission Knives is active on this forum; I guess he hasn't seen this thread (yet, anyway). I'm sure he'll respond to email, though.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Hi keninshiro!

The bladeforums.com Store offeres a MPU made of 440C. check it out. Hope this helps.