looking for more information on Case XX Throwing knife

Feb 23, 2022
I hope that you gentlemen can help. My late husband had a CaseXX throwing knife that I want
to sell but I think I need more background information. The only markings are Case XX on one side of the blade.
I don't know what kind of steel it is if somebody asks me or when it was made. Can you help with some more info?

Many thanks in advance,


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It looks like they made them for several years/decades. I don't know if Case ever identified the specific steel.

I just found this catalog page from 1949. It indicates that the ones made then were "chromium plated" steel. I believe the more recently made ones are "stainless steel". I'll keep looking around to see if I can find anything.

It looks like the 1954 catalog was exactly the same, except for higher prices. Same steel listed (chromium plated).

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I believe that the ones from 1949 to sometime in the 1960s just had CASE XX, no model numbers. I know the ones made in the 1970s and later had model numbers on them. I known of model numbers 303, 304, 305, 306 and 308. There may or may not be a 307. If so, I have not encountered them.