Looking for pics

Dec 3, 2006
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a pic of a "funny" throwing weapon from the original The Beastmaster film. Like a folding throwing hatchet that could double as a boomerang. I wonder how it could be thrown safely with all the edges. All pictures welcome.
I wonder how it could be thrown safely with all the edges.
I don't exactly remember what it looked like--and respectfully won't look it up on Google pictures--but my recollection is that it wouldn't be difficult to throw one safely.

It's possible to throw a circular rip saw blade with perhaps 50 edges. You grip the weapon above the actual bevel of the edge--like pinching a knife blade--and when you throw, you release so that your fingers are clear of the next edge in turn.

Given an average speed throw, it's easy to do.

Now, whether that type of blade can actually stick solidly depends a lot on the final design of it, its balance, etc., but that's an unrelated discussion.
Boomarang with edges, that would make life very exciting, if not brief.

Ever tried the William Tell maneuver? You throw a boomerang, stick an apple on top of your head, and when the boom comes back, you try to have it slice the apple in half, in a HORIZONTAL plane... Stupid, but some people do it...
And I have been able to find a somewhat decent pic on IMDB from the movie's trailer. And its shape lends me to believe that it might prove difficult to throw safely.