Looking for Ralph Kessler Knife maker

Dec 14, 2004
trying to find Ralph Kessler who use to make knives, lived in south carolina, anyone heard of him or know where he is? Trying to get a couple more of his knives...thanks Frank
I do not believe that Ralph is making knives anymore. He lives in the upstate and pops up from time to time. I think that he is working for a company who performs machine work for the large BMW plant. He made nice knives. They are available from time to time. Maybe someone else has more info.
Pity to hear that Ralph Kessler is no longer making knives - I bought one of my favorite folders from him some years ago -


The one thing that pics can't show is the feel of the action -
for example on the Ralph Kessler semi humpback skinner - it "walks 'n' talks" with a silky smoothness........ I think that's Mastodon ivory.

Also the Kessler is an integral bolster -
ie: the liner and bolster is made from one single piece of steel -


thanks for the info, glad to here he is still around, if anybody hears of a knife or two of his for sale post it please
Yeah-I have his address and numbers if you would like-he is not making knives anymore-more.Has no location or tools to make them. I would like to buy one for my dad-but he's always been a case man mostley-and german switch blades-likes hen and rooster also...
I rememeber the brass knuckone he made-bone handle-dagger-only 2-did not know him at that time.....knew Leonard though and Mary
Ralph was in my shop today (Sept 10, 2013) He has retired from being a full time machinist. Back in SC I have one of his mother of pearl lock blade (#041) Ralph use to use my engraving machine to number all his knives. Mine was a gift from Ralph.