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Looking for slipjoints

Discussion in 'Trade: Knives & Tools' started by silenthunterstudios, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. Looking for slipjoints and custom bushcraft style fixed blades. Email me through the system, or silenthunterstudios at gmail. US only, sorry.

    I have the following to trade
    Blind Horse BHK boat tail scandi with dangler sheath, used and carried with a few spots

    Case Bose SS watermelon bone 5 blade sowbelly stockman, no box, in great shape, carried for about one day

    EKA folder with 12C27 steel, used and sharpened, black scales

    Idaho Knife Works Mike Mann Hudson Bay camp knife chief style

    Kellam Wolverine SPT Pro, carried a few times

    Remington R4 Camillus made scout knife with box and paperwork, 440A

    Spyderco Ambitious with box, carried

    Spyderco Tenacious with box, green G10 scales, carried

    Spyderco Military no box, Spyder logo PE carried

    Zero Tolerance ZT 301, no box, carried, AO is top notch

    Will also trade my Chris Reeve CRK Umnumzaan for a custom slipjoint, or two Case Bose collaborations only.

    I'm looking for:
    Case Bose collaborations, CV preferred in particular a bone/stag 3 blade sowbelly with CV steel;
    Queen Dan Burke/Joe Pardue collaborations;
    Case Bose ATS34/154CM collaborations in particular dogleg jack and bone Tribal Spear;
    Gerber Silver Knight 90's rosewood scales;
    Buck rosewood/buffalo horn lockback exclusives;
    Queen cattleman and stockman zebra wood preferred;
    Buck 301 with 440C or 425M steel;
    Pretty much any USA made slipjoints (Great Eastern, Tidioute, Northfield, Tuna Valley, Beaver Falls, Canal Street, USA Camillus, USA Schrade, Case, Queen, SM, vintage brands etc), stockmen, jacks and scout knives are all preferred. Not really interested in congress, whittler or powder horn patterns.

    I am looking for custom slipjoints and friction folders;
    fixed blades (no scandis) from Ray Laconico, Scott Gossman, NWA, Blind Horse, Matt Liesnewski etc. I really like the look of wood scales, but I live in MD and it is hell keeping up with humidity. Micarta preferred, pretty much any tool/stainless steels.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2012
  2. rockgolfer

    rockgolfer Gold Member Gold Member

    Mar 1, 2008
    email sent
  3. I have a small micarta classic Sebenza with box/born on date and tool, and an Umnumzaan with tool kit, box and born on date card. I also have a large micarta classic Sebenza with tool, box, born on card and a leather pocket sheath (factory from CRK). I am willing to trade for the following:

    Case Tony Bose 154CM/ATS34 collaborations; custom slipjoints (CF and micarta okay, but prefer bone etc), custom folders, custom fixed blades (bushcraft/woodcraft, Gossman, NWA, Laconico etc). I am interested in other knives, but will only trade the small micarta and Umnumzaan for the knives listed above. I will also trade the Umnumzaan for desert ironwood Sebenzas, large and small, classic/25/21/regular, or Native American graphic Sebenzas.
  4. All emails have been replied to, new wants and knives available for trade have been posted. I put up a Spyderco Military and ZT 301.

    Just interested in slipjoints, custom bushcraft style fixed blades (no scandis) and custom slipjoints/friction folders.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2012

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