looking for some expert input on this........Maul???

Feb 13, 2005
Thanks in advance for any input to my noob questions. Below is one of last summer’s flea market finds that I have been cleaning up. I am hoping you experts can answer a few questions about it for me.

First, what is it? My guess is that it is a small maul. Next question, when I hang it, which is the top? I added the blue and masking tape to make it easy for you to tell me which you think the top is when I hang it. That is of course, if it even has one.

My plan is to make a handle for it out of ash or hickory, any input on length and style of handle for this is also appreciated. If you have a picture of what a perfect handle for this would look like, I would love to see it!!



Thanks again

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wow that is a funny little thing, does look kind of chunky to be a hatchet. Maybe its some kind of small splitting axe, like for camping or something?

what is the weight? that will have an effect on handle length.

Maybe something like a 24" handle? That's still small enough to be handy for such a small head, but still long enough for two handed use?
Grrr, I knew I should have weighed it.....so according to my wife's kitchen scale, it is 1lb 2.5 oz's
If it were mine I'd cut a straight stick that fit the widest part of the eye and put it in the eye so you can see the eye in relation to the bit. Would make a good kindling maul maybe.
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oh wow one pound is light, that might be a one-hander. so maybe something like a 12 to 16 inch handle would be more appropriate
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