Looking for used Master Hunter

Sep 25, 1999
I hope it is not bad form to post this here. I posted it over on the Wanted Forum, but thought I might post it here as it is directly related to the subject matter on this Forum. And I thought someone on here might have one. I am looking for a used Cold Steel Master Hunter. I don't really care how used it is, I will accept scratches and discoloration in the blade and handle and don't care if the sheath is beat up. I do not want any chips in the blade edge, a broken tip (unless the tip is just a tiny rounded), deep rust pits or one that has been sharpened enough to lose the edge geometry or profile. I will even accept a factory second, as well.
I am about to start my field season in the high Cascade wilderness and would like to test one of these (as to its usefullness as an outdoor survival tool). I plan to be pretty hard on it and will beat it up, so I don't really want to pay the price for a brand new first-run knife. I was about to order one of Special Projects factory seconds, but I thought I would check the forums first, just in case someone has an old one they want to get rid of. Special projects is frequently out of their seconds, as well.
Thank you for your help, in advance.
If I am in error for posting this here, I apologize for it and ask that the moderaters freely delete this post or do whatever is best.
They are sturdy knives that perform pretty well. My only caution is to avoid getting any DEET on the kraton handle. A friend did that by accident and it got a little tacky. Sorry I don't have a spare.

Brothers & Sisters,

Contact Cold Steel and get a "Factory Second".
The price is usually half and the knife is the knife.

Otherwise shop wisely at gun shows, Ebay et al.

Lance Gothic
I have a Master Hunter. This knife gets so sharp it unbelievable. My SRK gets sharp, but, not like the Master Hunter.

I have a Dozier Companion that I use as my general purpose backpacking blade. It is alot lighter and more user friendly than the Master Hunter, but, the Master Hunter is so sharp, I am always debating which one to bring.
Hey Backpacker,

How did you sharpen yours? Mine came with an unimpressive sharpness out of the box, and a pretty thick edge, too. I re-ground it to 30 degrees (total) and it's a lot better, but my SRK is much sharper. Please don't misunderstand, I'm not arguing, just curious.

I'm also a little peeved that the Master Hunter has basically no ricasso, and the SRK has a pretty good one. Oh well, it could be that I'm starting to get a little more critical than I used to be, I just watched Ed Fowler's video last night (for the second time), and am getting a fever....:eek: :eek:
Swede, sorry I just saw your post for the first time.

I use a Lansky stone system. I work the blade until I get a burr along the whole edge of one side, then I start on the next side and do the same. Nothing magical i just go through a coarse, then fine and then extra fine stone and it comes out hair popping sharp. I think knives are just unique to themselves. The steel on the Master Hunter is noticeably better than my SRK. Your SRK probally has a better heat treatment than your Master Hunter.