looks like no knives in Store tonight??

I assumed silver in black was the Michael Jackson Warden.

T could be Tigerhide.

Gold???? Muddy????

Gimme a blue/black G10 handled satin.
Since the silver and black was one clue that means there must be a gold one coming also.
I wonder if Goblets Of Gold refers to the '06 O.I.N.K. Induction blade. Now that would be :cool:!!!!!!!!
Where is everyone??

Oh, not what you meant. Good to see ya around. Will there be any PRO shows in the end of Feb? I will be back in the states on 15 Feb and I will be leaving for my next assignment around beginnig of Mar.

My yellow and black SAR warden should be in route if thats what your reffering to. I think I will dub mine the BumbleBee. After my wife who is going to swipe this one from me just like every other blade I have bought.:cool:
Not sure. I checked the PRO site, and they only had this one listed so far.

What time is it there??:cool: