Loosening up the Leatherman Wave???

Aug 8, 1999
the handles (where everything pivots out of) are major-league tight! Where do i get the right adaptor for those??
Frequent usage and oiling will make it loosen up a bit. I can now flip mine around like a bali (now that can get you some strange looks). It just started doing that and I got mine when they first came out. It is a lot of fun to do it like that because all the gerber ppl at work think they are cool because they can open thiers one handed and leatherman ppl can't. Of course they call me the knife master and ppl take bets as to how many knives I'm carring at any one time but who cares.

Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
The screws can be adjusted by using two lock tight pliers.

Clamp both sides lightly(just enough that they dont spin on the screw heads) and turn as needed. Very easy to do and wont leave any marks. This is much easier to do than to try and find the tool that fits those things
Gee, I have the same problem with one set of tools folded into the handle. I can hardly get them out without braking my nails. I tried to oil it with no success.
Quite upsetting in my opinion.

I'll be getting some Militec-1 soon.

I would love to get it that loose...like my other multitool.