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Loray diamond sharpener

Jul 26, 1999
Are these any good? I know that hand sharpening is a time tested good way to do it but I like my accurate old LoRay (Lansky type) and don't mind all the parts. It doesn't take even my half-brain to put a decent edge on a blade. I bought the diamond one because I need a distraction, and sharpen knives for friends that are in bad shape. The knives, not the friends. As far as I can tell. I also am pretty hard on edges with my cardboard cutting job as a packer and shipper. Can anyone tell me how long they last and will they rough out a bad blade quicker than a stone enough to make a difference? I would appreciate any advice or Lansky tips before it arrives next week. Yes I am new here, yes I tried to go back through all the past posts but gave up due to time, and no I don't want to hear about how real men only do it with someone from arkansas.
You are limiting yourself to a good deal of needless expense by closing out advice on how to properly hone a blade with elegantly simple equipment and technique. People have been doing it very well without the miracle sharpener of the month for a very long time.

Desert Rat

Do a search on this forum with the word Lansky. You will find many tips and info on useing a rod style system.
Hi Stray,

Here's a link to the FAQ by Joe Talmadge with regards to sharpening. It includes some tips and advices also on the different sharpening tools like the Lansky.

You'll find lots of good information there. Enjoy! and welcome to the Bladeforums.

1. Thanks Danny but I already read it. And spent hours going over past posts. I should have been more specific in my main questions of how long does it last before the diamonds go south and how quick does it work.
2. I have heard about the search feature but have been unable to find it. I have been haunting this place for only a few weeks and heard it was being updated.
3. My sharpener of the month has been with me for 15 years and it serves my needs just fine. I guess it's the Tim Taylor in me but I like tools, as long as they do the job right and this one does. I am hoping that the extra coarse stone will make the job of fixing battered knives go more swiftly. A lot of my buds I sharpen for are mechanics and do horrible things to a blade...

So, do they last and are they quick?

I have been sharpening knives since the cub scouts (30 years ago). I have been using a Lansky for about 15 years. I recently switched to DMT stones. I use the Lansky clamp and the DMT holder and diamond stones. I have been very pleased with the results. Use light to medium pressure on the stones to make them last longer. This works better than free hand as you usually take off less metal, making the knife last longer. I also use a magic marker to mark the blade. This is an easy way to see where the metal is being removed. I finish by stopping on a piece of flat cardboard. With friends' badly worn knives I use a good file first. This saves a lot of time and wear and tear on expensive stones. Sears Craftsman files work well and they replace them for free when they "no longer give complete satisfaction". It seems a crime to use a file on a knife, but friends shouldn't be sharpening their knives on a can opener grinder.

Sorry, I did not notice that the search was down. Try this page it has some good info on it. http://www.ameritech.net/users/knives/index.htm

Diamonds do work well but do not press hard on them. Becouse hard pressure will loosen the diamond dust and they will not last.
Hey dfh, do the DMT rods and Stones work the same as the Lansky? Is the rod inline with the face of the stone, so the angle is the same as the Lansky stone would be?
Thanks df I liked the marker tip. I have a dull craftsman file that I can trade in. I think I will carve a guard out of a chunk of wood for it. Good excuse to use and sharpen my knife, eh?
Yes, I would say the DMT stones are in line and would produce a very similar angle. I prefer them over the Lansky diamond stones. The DMT has a plastic holder with a rod attached. Different stones are slipped in and out, and then locked in place. I prefer the Lansky clamp and table mount. When using a file, use a fairly fine one and take your time. Metal should come off a lot quicker than with a stone. Remember, this is for abused knives (read: friends knives) only. Knives that haven't been abused shouldn't need a file. Also rememeber you need a good quality sharp file. Spend ten or fifteen dollars for a Craftsman, and then replace as needed. It took me years to get the courage to use a file. I use a Grobet Swiss 6" round file on steak knives. I use a # 2 or a # 4 grit. They can be hard to find. Try a jewelery supply store. DMT makes diamond files of the same type that also work well. I use a Spyderco sharpener unless the serrations are too far gone.