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Aug 30, 2008

I am the youngest brother, always being told what and how to do something by my older brother and dad. I had the leg up on them for baja fishing however. I had been to Cabo fishing down there in pangas 4x in my 20's and 30's. They were both asking me what to expect and such. It was quite a shift for me. Usually I was asking them the how to's and the what for's.

At this trip, the giant squid were in and were eating all the bait fish, so we end up using the squid as bait. This was new to me. These things were a workout just getting up and on deck. I like to call this manly men fishing where the bait fish is strong enough to kick your butt. We reeled in 5 each morning., and were exhausted by the time we started fishing. These Kalamari on steroids were cubed up and flung out for chum to keep the tuna pods close and in a feeding frenzy. We caught approx 15 tuna and about 6 dorado in 2 days fishing, but the quality time with my dad and big brother were incredible. We had a marlin snap the outrigger, and we flung a bait fish at him, but no go. We also had a sailfish go after a trolling lure and jump over the bow about 20 ft. out. If you were not looking that way, or blinked, you would have missed it. Really exciting stuff. This little fishing village is quiet, unassuming and void of riff raff. They like the American business, and keep it safe. If you want fun, frolic, drugs and danger, go to Cabo, but if you are a low key fishing type, as I am now, it is a great place. They cater to you quite well. Enjoy the photos. I was at my dad's house this weekend and found these 5 yr. old photos just in time for this new sub forum.
First stop for the whole fleet, squid fishing.




Chtlutlu, you are nothing but tuna bait baby.






thanks for looking. This thread brings back many memories.
great spot & thanks for the pics. reminds me of fishing the channel islands off santa barbara in the 60s. dennis. that world is gone
great spot & thanks for the pics. reminds me of fishing the channel islands off santa barbara in the 60s. dennis. that world is gone

I live in east Ventura Co, about an hour south of Santa Barbara. I have not chartered anything off that area. I love Ventura coast line because it is not impacted as high as L.A. and Orange Co.

I bet that was a gas back then.
Outstanding! I heard those Humbolts were tuff!!

I bet that Tuna and Dorado tasted great!
That looks like a blast. My dad used to go on charter boats a lot but I've only dreamed of it. One day I would love to go.
Thanks for sharing!!!
Nice catch. Its post like this that keep me off bloodydecks forum. I get fish sick for Mexico. I am hoping for a trip to El Banco for some vaconas this fall.

We have Humboldts up here too. We catch them in about 800 ft of water. Generally about 600 ft down. Actually you probably have them off Ventura. My dad saw one weighed-in in Oceanside that was 109lbs. They really are a plague. They eating machines. Its good that they are making use of them for bait. They are actually not bad eating if prepared right.



Hope you make it back down there soon.