Lost a URL for a Christian Web page

Gary W. Graley

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Mar 2, 1999
Hi, I posted this in the Community forum but I know a lot of folks only look in this one most of the time to see what's new, so I'll post it here as well.

I found a Christian web page URL within this forum, but have since lost it, it was a very good page and I emailed the fellow that owned/ran the site. I need to get in touch again with him as there were very good references and links on that site, any help would be appreciated.


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A couple of suggestions, and you'll forgive me if you've already thought of them.

First, your browser software may still have the url in the history file. On Netscape, it's Communicator > tools > history. A lot of people aren't even aware that their browser keeps a list of every site they've visited in the last few days. "Few days" is something you define at the expense of disk space. I set mine to 999 days because I frequently find myself in this same situation saying "what was that URL?" and have to dig back through my history file.

Second, the forum software keeps an archive that is searchable. If you can remember any bit of the URL, it'll help. Otherwise, you could just search for http because there aren't that many URLs posted here.

Hope that helps some.

Thanks Chuck, good advice, my history is set too low, also running on an older version of Netscape right now. It never hurts to offer good advice, the obvious is almost always overlooked, I did a search for the http just in the General section and came up with over 500 hits, can't think of any part of that url to help me out.

I'll keep checking.
Still looking, and with the Search feature crunched up, it's even harder, so I hope he reads this post and replies....