Lost knife


Jul 6, 1999
I lost a knife yesterday. Not only that, but the second one this summer. Both knives were Benchmade 350s carried in my right front pocket by the clip. I miss the knife, yet on the other hand I am thankful it wasn't a more expensive knife.

I am pretty sure I know how I lost it. I tend to have my hands in my pockets a lot. I am almost sure that the knife slipped out of my pocket when I withdrew my hand. The knife is light enough that I never noticed it slipping out.

Being left handed I always carry my primary knife in my left hip pocket. Yesterday it was a three week old McHenry & Williams Axis. I have never lost a knife clipped in my hip pocket and I would have been very upset if it had been the Axis that turned up missing.

I had decided early this summer that I should try carrying a second knife that I could get at easily with my right hand. I think now that the summer is over I am going to declare the experiment over, unfortunately, a failure. The experiment is getting expensive, and I think it is time to give it up before it gets more expensive.

I hope my little 350 found a good home. Maybe it will help to produce a new knife knut.

Can I follow you around? Sorry to hear about your losses. I HATE losing stuff.

Ever think about attaching the clip knife to your belt? If you keep the body of the knife behind the belt, it'll hardly be noticeable.

I suppose you've already thought about keeping your knives in a belt sheath.

One final thought...
Neck knife?
I see you have fallen victim to the Great Clip Conspiracy. Too bad

When fishing, and I lose a lure I give a little religous chant - I here by sacrifice to the fish god. Makes me feel a little better. You could try - I here by sacrifice to the steel god. Hope this helps ease your pain.
When fishing, and I lose a lure I give a little religous chant - I here by sacrifice to the fish god. Makes me feel a little better. You could try - I here by sacrifice to the steel god. Hope this helps ease your pain.
It's a fact of life;
Lost knives never return!
Sorry, but look, now you get to try another.
I guess I should say thank you for all your sympathy.
If I decide to try a right hand knife again I think I will go IWB with it. You would think that I would have learned my lesson on the first one but I guess I thought I was just paying my dues as I normally don't lose stuff. The idea that front pocket carry was responsible didn't occur to me until yesterday.

If I had to do it again I might try a lanyard of some sort. I do not like belt pouches. I normally have a StarTac and a leatherman Sideclip on my belt which is enough, I do not always carry a pistol but when I do it is behind my right hip for right hand draw or in my right front pocket.

Maybe my little walther TPH in my pocket is just as good as another knife anyway.

sorry to hear of your loss. a great knife almost becomes a extension of ones self. this may sound dorky...but have you considered a key-tainer or key-back ? you know, one of those things clipped to belt or trou. I use a small one, with very thin nylon line.(can be cut with blade if needed) 1st choice is a sheath..however this is more discreet. stay sharp. W
I'm truly sorry to here about your loss.
I've solved this problem by modifying my behavior. I no longer idly keep my hands in my pockets. Haven't lost a knife since.
BTW: The last knife I lost was a Gerber E-Z Out. No big loss but still it hurts and it was the catalyst for the hands-outta-pockets philosophy I now practice.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid.

I hate to use the much-maligned T word, but I will say that "Tactically," it isn't good to keep your hands in your pockets anyway. That's a good habit to break.

Hands in pocketses? What has it in its Pocketses?

Wop, sorry wrong forum. Most cops I know consider hands in pockets as threatening.

If my TPH is in the pocket then is it Tactically poor technique to have my hand on it?

Maybe the best solution is to decide which knife I am going to carry there and take the clip right off, Drop the knife down into the pocket.

Maybe an even better solution is a pocket holster for the knife, not unlike the one I use for the TPH.

Perhaps a Mini Striker next time. See, I getting over it already!
Know how you feel, but it was meant to be lost, if only to allow you to purchase another knife!

I lost a `cheepy' Japan Rigid with Wharncliff blade and cocobolo handles once, couldn't find that rascal to save my life, then, when winter was over and lawn mowing started, my wife ran it over with the lawn mower, not to worry it didn't hit the knife, just removed enough grass to make if visible, I remembered how it must of hopped out of my pocket as I leaped into the air to chop off a branch with my Cold Steel Magnum tanto, I thought for sure that the scales would come off as they were only epoxied on, but nothing was harmed, the blade had no rust whatsoever, the screw that held the thumbstud was rusted on the face and that was it! I couldn't believe my luck!

So never fear, when you get home from buying that new knife, the old one will slip out from under the couch to welcome you.


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