lost knives

Nov 25, 1998
I have a rule to never carry a knife that I'm not willing to lose. I have lost 3 knives over 30 years, and I'm still bummed about each one. I've found about 3-5 knives over that same period and all were junk compared to the knives I lost. Sometimes life just isn't fair. I suspect that most people carry (and lose) junky knives. Just a thought.
The only knife I ever lost (knock on wood) was actually stolen from me. Never lost another knife since then. I carry a Sebenza with me daily. I know that there's always a possibility that I may lose it, but that doens't keep me from carrying it. I enjoy using it and having it with me at all times. That feeling far outweighs my fear of losing it. I tend to be more careful with my Sebenza. I hardly ever lend it out and I keep better track of it than I would a lesser blade. Just my 2 cents.

Greg Namin
The world is 75% water. The rest is drop zone.

I've never lost a knife, but I was with my friend when he lost his first and only knife (Silver Streak 2 from Frost. He dropped it) and we looked for over an hour and he came back later but he never saw it again. Made me keep my eye on my knives.

I hate losing knives, which is probably why I haven't lost any recently. I'd love to have all the knives that I lost when I was a kid. Back then, I didn't have very many, so every one had some sort of story behind it...

The flip side of the knife losing experience is when you find a knife that you thought you lost! Now, that's a great feeling.


Ok, a loss rate of 3 knives per 30 years obviously works out to a knife every 10 years. Let's take the price of a nice knife, say a small Sebenza @ $290, and divide it by 10 years to come up with a total cost of ownership of $29 a year. Divide that by 365 days and you'll find that it costs you just 8 cents a day to carry a Sebenza.

Based on your stated loss ratio of 1 knife every 10 years, why would you want to carry a cheap knife when you could be using with a good knife for a reasonable cost? Food for thought.


I've lost only one knife that i can remember.That was a Rapala filet knife.
I've found one knife tho ( a case sod buster), so i'm even.
My brother on the other hand lost a knife every dear season. At least we knew what to get him every x-mas.


I recently lost my Kershaw Black Colt and I tore the house apart looking for it. I even frisk the wife
. This has been a few weeks and I'm still bummed. My view is; If I carried the knife more I wouldn't have misplaced it. From now on, the knife is on me or stored with my others. Lesson learned.

Coho61 (Greg M)
Kodiak Alaska