Lost my virginity today in lots of categories

Jul 24, 2008
And now I have some questions:
Got an elmax blade
Got a kershaw
Got a ZT
Got a hinderer design
Got an assisted blade
Got a flipper
Got a frame lock
Got a non custom blade.

Quite a few new things going on there, in short I got a ZT 0566, pretty late to the party I know but I am in New Zealand and there is only one dealer that I can find, which also makes them damn expensive to boot! But it's only money, right?

I would like to play with this a little, maybe deassist and change the clip position bit I do not have the right tools, what the heck is the screw thing and the size? (Oh, just so you know carrying any knife here is illegal, I mean if you are in the woods hunting them you will get away with it, but walking in the streets, or into a hardware store, no go, so what size screwdriver and what name of bit am I asking for please).

As an aside a few years ago I got rid of all the junk I had in way of knives and started again, I have a couple of leather men multi tools, which are not real knives in my mind, two custom knives that I had created and designed myself, one randall and several on order (which I do consider custom blades), several garden blades (mora, tanto, Chinese folders which are beaters), and a itsy witsy Japanese spyderco that I use for digging glass out of by bicycle tyres.
Oh, and a HI kukri, can't go wrong with a kukri, also custom IMO.

Now this ZT, I have always liked the look of the ZT especially the 300, but thought they would be too hard to get into the country, then I heard about a hinderer and rather fancied an XM-18, but realised I was dreaming, impossible to find in stock, then I chanced upon the hinderer ZT's, after much reading I decided to go with this 0566, which I am playing with now (sore finger), never had flipper before lots of fun.

Knife finish is ok, nothing to write home about, not as sharp as my Randall was but as my next Randall has been delayed again (maybe June) I needed a new toy, and this pops a LOT of firsts for me.

Now for those who know what size tools do I need and where could I get any custom scales from if I want to go down that route?

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Dec 21, 2013
The fasteners are Torx screws. The pivot is probably T8 and the handle screws are probably T6.
May 6, 2013
The screws are T8 for the pivot & T6 for the rest of the screws. Make sure you get a good set of Torx screw drivers or you'll damage the screws. Wiha has good torx screw drivers or you can go with some Snap-on ones ( I have both). Here is a link for the Wihas:

As far as scales there are a lot of good scale makers here on the forums that can help you out. I would ask Rival1314, The Preacher or any number of great scale making guys on here. Good luck with your 0566 pimping job.
Sep 7, 2011
Most Kershaws use T8 on the pivot and T6 on the handle screws. The 0566, though, uses T8 on all screws (pivot and handle). The pocket clip and lockbar stabilizer are the only screws that are T6.

I haven't tried de-assisting my 0566, but I can see that there is a detent hole. Keep in mind that it was tuned to be an assisted-opening flipper, though, so if you de-assist it, the opening/closing action may not be optimal.

And congrats on getting the 0566. It is a fine knife.


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Dec 16, 2012
For working on knives, you will need a set of Torx bits ranging from T4 to T10. That covers 90% of knives. If you want to make the 566 manual, I would suggest getting a bigger washer for the side that the torsion bar was on.
Jan 23, 2014
Get a Kershaw T-tool they're like 8-10 US dollars and they'll work for any of their knives as far as I know.

I was able to de-assist mine with it just fine.
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