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Lost "Tactical" Thread

Apr 15, 1999
"Tactical = knives that are going to be
used, and probably used hard "

This was the name of a thread started by Mr. Griffith on the 12th. Where did it go? The search function finds it but says it is inaccessible. Is this a hurricane-related problem? It was one of the better "what is tactical" threads we've had, IMO.

Evidently the originator of a thread can delete it, as well as deleting all of one's replies. I thought that it was a good thread too but I guess we stepped on some toes. I'm kind of new to this forum and wouldn't want to upset a long time member, especially a good bladesmith, to the point that they feel the need to avoid conversation all together. If it comes down to it I'd feel better about bowing out of the forum all together instead of seeing a more senior member doing something similar.

I'm trying not to jump to that conclusion. Mr. Griffith hasn't been here too long, but he already strikes me as a man who knows the difference between attacking someone's ideas and attacking them personally. I hope that the thread had not become personal since last I saw it. If my posts are to blame for any bad feelings, I do honestly apologize. I get a little carried away with the "game" of point-counterpoint.

Mr. Griffith, if there is some bad blood behind the post's disappearance, with me or with someone else, let's get it out in the open. We all have a common love of knives here, and these things can usually be amicably resolved. You are a well-known and acclaimed maker, and your posts (whether I agree with them or not) are of too great value to lose.


As you know I just stepped up as a moderator. I tried search and found too that the page has either "been deleted or moved."

I have no idea what happened. The originator, as pointed out above, can "kill" his thread.

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Lynn presented some of the best arguments that I have heard for the continued use of the term "tactical knives" in that thread. It is to bad it is no longer available for reference..


I think Mr. Griffith was confusing criticism of a label with criticism of certain knives. Weren't we just talking about the legitimacy of the label (and how it can be abused by the marketing guys)? I for one didn't see anyone impuning the legitimacy of any actual product.

I hope I never sounded critical of Lynn's knives, or of the need for that type of knife to be produced and sold.

From the beginning, all I've ever cared about is what can happen at the marketing end of it when "warlike" and "wicked" seem to be made attractive intentionally.

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I must admit being confused here. Whatever perceived ill will came up in the thread was gone, along with the rest of the thread, before I could see it. There were "diverse comments" there when I visited it, and I added a few of my own, but I don't know what the originator might have taken personally.

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I think we may be over-thinking this one. It's entirely possible that Lynn was just fed up with the whole "tactical is overused" discussion and said the heck with it, let's move on. I've been reading his posts for a while now and he seems like a pretty cool headed guy. And his blades are sweeeeeet!