Lotsa 3-Dotters


Nov 6, 2009
Seems like there's been a lot of three dotter 110s on e-Bay lately.

Anybody else notice that?

With any luck at all I'm gonna be able to add another to my stash on one of these auctions. I've got the going price about figured out.

Dec 30, 2008
Dont even bring that up:grumpy: I had a beauty in my sights the other night...It was 17 and some change with 30 seconds left. I had my bid loaded and counted down to 10 seconds-hit my place bid thinking I would just confirm as soon as the page flipped. I screwed up somehow and instead of confirm, I had to punch in a bid-by that time auction ended and $20.50 won which was well below my max bid. I still may not have won but I was sick to my stomach:barf:

Missed a chance on a MIB 1/2 hour ago cause I got tied up at work and couldnt watch and bid-sold for $46.

I can only hope that someone on this forum got em-esp the 1st one.