Love My Buck Strider

Jul 2, 2000
It all started yesterday afternoon. I was in the cutlery shop I work at part time. The friendly UPS man came to visit. The manager was going through the new order as I was cleaning up. From across the shop I heard my name. I looked up, and to my surprise was this mammoth of a knife being held by the manager. I was awestruck!! What was this? I ran across the shop and grabbed the new knife from my managers grip. I fell in love. Needless to say, the Strider never made it to the display case. I am the proud new owner. I ran the primary edge over a spyderco sharpmaker, and it's now shaving sharp. Tanto edge is not made for cutting, so I will not touch it. I am of medium stature, and I must say the knife fits quite comfortably in my pocket. Also, I am a lefty. As many people have reviewed, the knife is (supposedly) not lefty friendly. That's not true. Actually the thumb stud can be reversed. The countersunk screw only protrudes about a milimeter. You can hardly tell. Anyway, I love big folders, and this one fits the bill. I'm sure it'll take on any task you would ask of it. I have never seen a thicker blade on a folding knife before. I just want to go out and cut stuff. I am usually pretty picky about what my knives are used for. I'm not worried about this one though. If you want to be able to cut buildings in half, this folder is for you. Try it...
Sounds great. I really like mine too. Im glad you were able to make it a left hander. Im sure you wont have any problems with it.


Pain was made for the weak!
Just a quick update. It's been a couple of days now and I am still happy with the strider. I usually would have changed my mind by now. I change my carry knives like I change my underware. Last night I disassembled the knife and polished the blade to a frost since I am not a big fan of BB finishes. I also polished the clip. It is quite stunning. The only problem is making this knife shaving sharp. I have spent some time on that task. I think I am making progress. I still however will not touch the tanto edge as it was not made for cutting. The big test will be tonight or tomorrow when my new SOCOM and SOCOM Elite with River City Concealex sheaths arrive. The question is will I or will I not stay with the Strider? Either way it's definately a keeper. To be continued...

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">The only problem is making this knife shaving sharp. </font>

Mine came with quite a coarse finish from Buck. It will take a fair bit of grinding to remove that and put a high polish on it.

Guess what. Some prick stole my Strider!!! I wish I could find who did it. I'm carrying my Civilian now, so for his/her sake I hope I don't run into them.
Sorry to hear you got ripped off. Some ahole stole my CQC7 a few years ago. I didn't really like the knife that much, but my wife bought it, so I still get to here about it
WTF! That blows! Hope you find that prick.

I liked the Strider, could like the new drop point even more.
<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by USAFSP:
Guess what. Some prick stole my Strider!!! </font>
Sorry to hear that.
I think I would cry (honestly!)
if my LCC gets stolen - or lost.