Loveless designed Gerber

Jul 29, 1999
I recently aquired a 15+ year old gerber that says R.W. Loveless on the blade and Gaurdian printed on the powdercoated steel handle. It is a double edge dager type knife. I would appreciate any info anyone has on this make of knife.

3-3/4" of handle and 3-7/16" of blade? I have one but know nothing about it. Purchased it at a garage sale, blade on this one is badly scratched and the sheath is coming apart. Anybody have a clue?


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That is a downsized version of the Mark 1 designed as a last ditch back up. I was not aware that Bob Lovelss designed it though. Some of the codura sheaths had little plastic thingies at the opening that are supposed to grab the abbreviated guard and hold the knife in the sheath. They never struck me as very secure.


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The Guardian has a 3 1/2" blade. The next in the series is The Guardian I it has a 5" blade. The Guardian II is about the same size as a MK II. All are full plain double edged knives.

I have the Guardian and the Guardian I. I skipped the Guardian II because I already had a MK II.

They are Loveless designs although I think some came out later with the same name but not Loveless designed. Not too sure about that.

The current Guardian is different looking and is called Guardian Backup It now has serrations and a different sheath. Looks like a veriation of the orginal Guardian.

The Guardian I is one of my very favorites. It has looks and proportions and feels like a KNIFE for serious work.(the Guardian is sort of stubby and the Guardian II is like a streched out Guardian I) The leather sheath has a wide but short spring metal clip and the blade is secured by a leather strap with a snap that is released by the flick of the finger.

Most of my knives don't do much for my wife but I had to get her a Guardian I to keep her away from mine


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