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loving a new kukri...finally....

Aug 8, 1999
well, i was ready to give up on the CS Kukri. had tried the light one and it broke. they admitted fault but wouldn't let me trade up for the bigger fella; Cutlery Shoppe stepped in, took the replacement light one and sent me out a regular CS kukri, very cool of them. Wow, what's up with the spine, what a wedge! i took it out in the middle of the day (wish i had high privacy fences, i'd stop scaring the neighbors). rigged up some nice paracord on the handle for a nice snap cut. what a difference. i was ready to give up on getting this knife, had been working on it since last March or April with Cold Steel. was just going to get one of the Himalayan Imports, didn't know how good they really were until i joined the forum. but since mr. UPS was here today, i gotta say i'm pretty satisfied with this kukri. now i hope it doesn't break! it really snaps the branches off when you put a little snot into the swing. guess you could really hurt a bone or two with the back edge as well. all in all, nice.
Thanks for sharing your experiences. That was more than decent of Cutlery Shoppe to replace your broken CS Light kukri with the CS Gurkha (Heavy) Kukri. I believe their prices are a little high, though. I have both Cold Steel Kukris, and am very pleased with both. If I were do do some serious wood wacking, I would use the heavy one, but if I was to do some serious people wacking, I'd prefer the lighter version. The lighter kukri seems to come alive in my hand. I believe it is a PERFECT fighting knife that would be awesome used for self defense. I especially would think that a trained fighter with two CS Light Kukris (one in each hand), would be a fearsome foe I'd run from!
I forgot to mention that I think your CS Light Kukri must have been a defective blade. I also would bet you big bucks that even if you wanted to break the CS Gurkha (heavy) Kukri, you couldn't.
Hansen, thanks for the input. this knife will be mounted near my bed for last resort "grab something quick, i hear a noise downstairs" kind of stuff as well as out camping...