Loving my new G-10 Harpy...

Mar 19, 1999
today i recieved this little puppy, and man, to sum it up, in one word, "SOLID", the g-10 w/a stainless liner and all steel spacer makes it quite sturdy. Cheers to Spyderco for making such a great knife....
I recently received an all stainless Harpy and it is in my pocket right now. They are great knives and very well made! I find the blade shape useful for all kinds of everyday stuff. Peeling oranges, opening mail and boxes, working around in the yard, you name it. This is the first hawkbill style blade I've ever owned and it has suprised me with how well it handles utility tasks. I'll probably be adding some more of this blade style to my collection! To sum it all up..

It's a great knife!


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