Lowes has knives

Nov 24, 1999
Theres a lack of knife shops here in my area and for the most part your limited to either meijers or wal mart. Which means, buck, schrade,gerber, victorinox, and cheap knockoffs. But on a trip to the tools section at lowes the other day I found out that they've started carrying a pretty good selection of Case, Leatherman, Buck, Victorinox, and Gerber. Not alot new but their selection is better than most. They actually had most of the newer models- gerber legend 800 ( formerly known as gator jaws) all three chameleons, Ar 3 liner lock, 2 different styles of the multi lock 600, some of buck's new liner locks, the swiss tool, and the leatherman pulse. And a lot of case knives.
If your a knife nut in ohio or somewhere with a lowes and you don't have any knife shops around I'd take a look. They had some decent prices and you can at least see stuff in person.
Antoher good place in the columbus area is hilltop hardware on sullivant avenue ( just remembered this from a trip last summer so I'd check your phone book
) They had schrade, buck, gerber, and the lartgest selection of Case knives I have ever seen- several display cases full.

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Specifically, on the other side of Columbus, you can find Benchmade, Spyderco, etc at the New Albany Shooting Range. Another place is General Merchandise (think that's the name) in Pataskala. They have Benchmade, Cold Steel, etc.

Nice to know Loews has entered the knife market in a small way.


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The Lowes Home Improvement down here (They corporate HQ's are up the road from me in North Wilkesboro) also has a great knife selection for a non-knife store. Basically, the same stuff that Matt lists. In fact I was there yesterday and saw they had some sort of Case Sunfish collector knife in the display case that is going for $180. That kind of surprised me considering the price ranges of the other knives they carry. Anyway, I'm pleased that a home imporvement warehouse sells quality brand knives instead of those run of the mill Stanley utility knives and those break-off-for-a-new-edge jobbies.

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the gerber chameleons are complete pieces of junk IMHO. even the large one miserably fails a relatively gentle spine tap test. anybody else handle one of them ???

On the Canadian side of hardware stores picking up a bit on knives, Canadian Tire is starting to carry alot more multi-tools (mostly Gerber and Leatherman) and knives from Gerber, Buck, Shrade and Victorianox.


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As stated before, Lowes is a dealer for Case.

They have alot of regular Case knives as well as special limited edition items.

Since Case does not sell directly to the public, they use dealers to sell their products and sometimes the only place that carries these items is Lowes.

Case Collector's Club newsletter tells of these limited edition items before they go on sale.

If you wish to join the CCC (Case Collector's Club) check out their website at www.wrcase.com.

I'm still waiting for a Lowes to open a little closer to my home. The closest one is about 45 min. away.
I guess that's not too bad though. Sometimes money isn't the only price we pay for our knives.

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