Oct 27, 1998
My wife is very cool when it comes to knives...she sees my enthusiasm and wants to make me happy. Did I mention we're newly-weds, no comments please...I know I've been warned it'll wear off!
She wants to spend up to $250 on a knife for me for Christmas. What do I want?...There are so many knives, lets start with the autos and then digress into the onehanded folders. I NEED HELP. Remember $250 is her limit, of course I could add a few $$ to that since I'll do the ordering, but I want quality of at least the $150 range without exceeding her indulgences of $250...what do you think?
Salmon, it does sound like you have a great lady. If she will spend $250 and you could add a few bucks I would get the Chris reeve Sebenza. That's the knife I want for my B-day in February. I'm helping my wife out by ordering it

The large 'benza is $325, the samll is $290 and the Umfaan is $280. Pretty close to the $250.
BTW, I have been married 16 years and it hasn't worn off yet. Still she hasn't offered me a $250 knife. Hmmmmm.
Happy Holidays and good luck to both of you.

Greg Mete
Kodiak Alaska
I just purchased an A T Barr folder, about the size of a small Sebenza (of which I have more than one). The quality of the Barr folder is incredible.

Don't misunderstand; I love 'Benzas, but they are a simple rugged design. A T Barr infuses some sort of magic in his knives. The bolsters and scales are seamlessly fit together, and the liner lock action is the smoothest I have ever seen. Anywhere.

Remember his advice about slamming the spine of an open knife blade on a book or table to 'seat' the liner lock? I tried this on several BM's, with mixed results. Having seen how closely Mr. Barr fits his liner locks, I now understand. He was talking about perfecting the fit of liner lock and tang already so well fitted, that bacteria have to slide in sideways.

Hope this helps (I think he still has one or two knives left over from the Guild Show).
Web site:

call DON LOZIER (352-625-3576)
has makes knives in the $200-$300 range for entry level buyers
ingraved,file worked,ect.
they look like a $750+ knife.
he may have some left
What a great problem to have! You mentioned Auto knives, and while I'm not a Big auto knife nut[I went through that phase couple of years ago], I do have one suggestion. The Microtec L-UDT. Its the only auto I still have, and I really like it. I think its probally the best[IMHO] production auto around, if you consider the 'using aspects' , along with quality. Its my understanding that Microtec is no longer making this model, but they are still around. All the more reason to get one now. Maybe one of the colored handles. I think yu could get one for a little less than $250, so spend the rest on a Spyderco Ti-Angle sharpmaker, if you don't already have one. You may put the autoknife in the safe, put you'll use the sharpmaker ALOT, remembering your great Xmas, before 'it' wore off.;^}

Will Fennell
EDI Knives
Easy answer - James Brothers Cheyenne!
Hard choice - what color, which scales?