Lum Chinese folder

Jul 2, 2000
I picked one of these beauties up yesterday. It's #856. It's on display right now, but my question is, is this knife meant for real use? I carry an Emerson Mach 1 right now, and it's tough as nails. Would the LUM stand up to a good amount of use? I'm not talking about as a chisle or screwdriver. I'm a bit worried about the handles getting all scratched up. Is Almite tough? Please help
Whether or not the handles get all scratched up, the knife should endure a good amound of use and live a long life.
The Lum is a good tough knife and will stand up to normal use very well. It is going to scratch, but that is what happens when a knife gets used. If you want to keep it perfect, leave it in the box.

I love to carry and use this knife. Ok, so I don't do chopping, but for my normal, mundane tasks, it works quite well. Sharper than any of me ATS-34 knives, and seems to even hold an edge longer.

It should hold up fine. However, once you start using it, there is no going back to mint, eh? So, use and enjoy!!!


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