Lynn Griffith Forum Hunter

Aug 25, 1999
The Hunter, with box elder scales, is an awesome combination of artistry and purpose. I had originally intended for this knife to be "display only", however I don't think it's going to allow me to do that.
Here's a scan that doesn't even come close to doing justice to this beautiful drop point:

The reason I say that I may end up carrying this knife in the field is that the combination of blade geometry and handle ergonomics are simply perfection. This knife was born to hunt!
Lynn's "new" handle profile is incredible. I have to admit that when he told me that he was changing from the slender scales to slightly more robust ones I was skeptical, as I truly loved the older, slim style he'd done previously. He made the right choice though, and in true Griffith fashion the new contour is simply an improvement on an already exceptional grip.
The quality of the knife itself is outstanding. The grind lines are symmetrical, the box elder scales are perfectly matched, and the spacer material was not used to make up for inconsistancies in the organic scales as is often the case when working with stabilized wood. They are even and straight all the way around the grip. The satin finish is outstanding. Extremely well done. It should go without saying that the knife is shaving-sharp, with an even and consistant mirrored bevel.
With all that aside, the true magic of this knife comes when you pick it up. It is perfectly balanced, and the grip feels like it was made to the exact dimensions of my hand.
I honestly feel that I would be insulting this knife if I didn't take it hunting. As I said earlier, that's what it was born to do.

Nice work, Lynn. Very nice work.

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Is there a top down picture contrasting the change in handle style available?

Hard to estimate from a picture, but it looks like that blade has a real nice edge geometry.

Yep, Lynn’s certainly outdone himself with this year’s Griffith Forum Knives. I was fortunate enough to receive one of these fine blades and I’ve been delighted with it. The version I ordered is a variant of Lynn’s “Tracker” model, a slightly larger drop point ATS-34 blade with a hand-rubbed satin finish, stabilized California Buckeye scales and black liners (no pics…sorry). A picture of a Tracker made with Lynn’s “standard” materials and finish can be seen on his website at Lynn Griffith Knives . The ergonomics of the knife are superb (as I’ve come to expect with Lynn’s knives)…the distinctively contoured handle and exceptional balance make it an eminently usable blade. The fit and finish are impeccable. It’s a simple, elegant design, executed to near perfection (it’s not that I’ve found any flaws in the knife…I’m just not sure that absolute perfection is obtainable
). It’s really good stuff…

Yeah, ole Lynn is doing some good work out there in Oklahoma these days! I'll be going there in a couple weeks for the Wannemaker gun and knife show, and will definitely have to go harrass him some!

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Cliff, here's a top down picture of the old and new style Griffith handles.


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I have one of the Forum knives, a Stag Hunter like Paul's and want to second(third?) everything that has been said by Jim, Paul & Charlie - seems I got the only Stag knife made & guys I love your wood handled knives - they are georgeous but!!!!! When I can borrow my friend's digital camera you are going to see one of the nicest, best finished Stag hunting knives I have come in contact with.

Lynn wasn't kidding when he said he found a nice piece of Stag & then proceeded to do it justice with his finish work. I collect ABS
Mastersmith Stag Hunters & even though Lynn is not a "bladesmith" his work on this knife makes it a welcome addition to my Stag hunter
collection. The finish & detail work is comparable to that on my basic Stag hunters from Fisk, Dean, Lambert, Tomes etc. on this knife - the transition from Stag to liner (red) to steel on the handle is as good as I've seen & it is the same all the way around - no corners were cut anywhere. The work on
the blade wasn't too shabby either - the satin finish is sooooo much nicer - the grind work has been tightened up(not that it wasn't very good before!) - will give final judgement when have chance to use it - final test of knife's value is in the using. Plus I have a unique one-of-a-kind knife - a Stag handled Forum 2000 knife - there will never be another - may only get me a cup of coffee but I love it & will give it a place among its peers mentioned above.

New Phone # for Lynn Griffith is: (918) 366-8303

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Thanks for the shot, I ordered one of Lynn's blades earlier this year. I'll drop him a line later on as I definately want to make sure I get the new handles, looks good.

Hey Hdcharlie, how much did that set you back? looks like a really nice design, and the wooden scales look awesome.


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