Jun 25, 1999
In addition to the Rhino Pup I recently acquired( and reviewed here) & stag Tracker(featured in A.G. Russell's Cutting Edge - selected by Paul Basch) I have also acquired a black Micarta Patrolman after all this had started regarding another Patrolman. Based on the other two, I had no doubt at all that it would be up to the standards of his other knives I own. I can say without question that Lynn isn't slacking off no matter what any "uninformed", "biased", "predjudicial", "ax-to-grind" arrogant son-of-a-gun says about his work - the "TRUTH" will win out in the long run!. The knife is superb in all respects - from the grind lines to bead blasting to sharpness to finish of the handles. It isn't going to win beauty contests but it is a funtional using "utility" knife that will provide years of service without worry of failure. The finish is up to the level of any other knives I own, just not as fancy(I bought for utility not looks). Some of these makers I'm comparing with are named Carson, Ralph, Elishewitz, Fisk, Dean, Tomes, Winkler, Lambert, Bagwell, Simonich, Randy Lee, Butch Beaver, Dozier, Randy Martin, etc. If this makes me an uninformed buyer than I'll gladly accept the nomer with honor. If those aren't quality makers then we are all in trouble!

The only "uninformed", "biased", "predjudicial", "ax-to-grind" people i've seen post anything in regard to the reviews of a Lynn Griffith knife are by the members of his fanaitcal fan club that can't accept a simple bad review and leave it at that.