Lynn Thompson Tomahawk Thesis

Sep 8, 1999
Has anybody read the TomaHawk article in CS's new Special Projects catalog? While Thompson has a few good points others strike me as completely bogus. Feedback?
I thought it was him trying to promote the tomahawk. They look amusing, not sure how effective theirs are.
CS Tomahawks aren't that biggest beef is the put the Head on backwards (from the bottom not the top). This way when your throwing it and it hits on the back end...the head loosens and falls off. If you put the Head on from the Top a strike to the bottom of the handle actually makes the head tighter.
Totally convinced me, that's for sure! I mean, from now on, whenever I go to church, or to the day care center, or to the post office, or to some middle school or high school, or to see my broker--I'll be ready for the next "suspected connection to the extreme right-wing" gunman with a Lynn Thomson tomahawk taped under my sport coat. Forget the Glock or .357. Absolutely. What could be a better 21st-century weapon than a tomahawk!

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.