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M-16 Flipper?

Dec 15, 1999
I have never handled one. I cant figure out how the heck that thing works. Someone please explain!

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It works great!

Just hold your M16 with your index finger on the flipper. Press the flipper and you flick your writs a bit and the blade will flip out....pretty fast, too. After a while you'll be able to do it just with your index finger. Of course you can open the blade with the thumb studs too, but this is more fun!

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska

And downright addictive, to boot.
Get ready for flicking fun after you catch on.

If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid!
A Kit Carson 1 of a kind!

Very Addictive!


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Nice looking conversion CJ! Did you do it yourself? Do you know where could I get some carbon fiber to material?

The Oso Grande, this knife was made by Kit Carson himself and is the only one like it so far!