M-16 vs. Scrimtar

Apr 7, 1999
Both these folders have about the same price and steel, but I have not handled either. Which do you think is stronger and better suited to defense?

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I haven't handled the Scrimtar but I have handled the M16-04. The M16 is a solid knife with a nice hefty feel to it and an amazing lock up ability. The handle is air craft grade aluminum so it is very solid and much stronger than any zytel handle I own (CS Voyager). The flipper adds to its deployment ability and I like the tanto shape over the CS grind.

It's a great knife. I have all 3 versions.

Just my $0.02


I've been thinking I would buy a Scimitar ever since it first came out. I decided to wait until I had handled it. I got one in hand last week. I was disappointed with it. Don't like the opening, or feel in my hand. I was hoping the ball on the end could be used for striking (wouldn't work for me). I'm glad I waited and handled a Scimitar first and didn't buy over the internet.

Can't say about the M16-04.
I have both of these knives,and for defense get the M16 by all means.Then, just for fun, get the Scimitar when you can.It's just a great big exotic knife that's very sharp and will definitely get everyone's attention!

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M-16 offers far better range and probably greater lethality when used by any but the most highly trained Saracens. Scimitar would only be a better choice in situations when extended operation without provisioning is expected. Maybe split the difference and pick an MP-5PDW and a Siraputi?

Good one, Drew -- I re-read the first two sentences a couple times, trying to make them make sense ("what the h*ll's he talking 'bout extended operations for?"), before it finally hit -- oh -- OH
. You got me hook, line, and sinker. Would've saved some time if I'd gone ahead and read the rest first...

On topic: haven't touched the CS, but I've handled all three of the M16-xx series, and they're far better knives than the price would seem to allow. Been thinking of picking up an M16-03 that I really don't need, just because, well, I can...

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Yeah, to get serious for a second the M-16 series totally redefine what I expect in a folder per dollar. The ones I've seen have been every bit as attractive, smooth, and nicely finished as a $70 BM Leopard Cub (a classic, IMO, and a good value) but cost nearly half that. A decent steel, nice skeletonized aluminum handles, smart design (please large and small spearpoints!), and excellent QC - I can't even compare that to a Zytel knife from CS that's the company's first foray into linerlocks since the "UltraLock" disaster.

If it take's just one more vote to help push you over, here's mine....Go for the M16! You will probably get much more use out of it, I carried mine today and it never fail's to impress me that it didn't cost much more then it did considering the quality of it.

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Definitely the M16. I had one and it is a great knife for the price. I HATE the handle material that Cold Steel uses.

ok. So to summarize the votes: everyone for the CRKT and no body for cold steel. I know which one I'm getting now. Thanks
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
And if you don't have enough reasons to go for the M16-04, here's another.
My Scimitar has developed a nasty little up and down wobble in the open position. Nothing I do remedies it.
Go with the M16-04. It's the best thing CRKT has EVER done.
Very tough, very smooth, very nice all around.
Worth more than you pay for it.

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