M-16w Carson Flipper question

Jan 2, 2001
On the CRKT M-16 series with the Carson flipper, does it operate like, or similar to the Kershaw Boa flipper? I have the Mirrage, and I'm pleased with it. I'm interested in the knfe mentioned above in the zytle drop point model. RKBA
I have the M-16 and the flipper is powered by your finger pressure like 'flicking' the blade open from the other side. It works perfectly and there is no internal mech. I believe the Boa has the 'Speed Safe' mechanism which is the same as the Random Task I have and that is internal and takes over after the initial 1/3 is opened I believe. Both are great knives but different concepts regarding opening mechanisms.

As E.T. said,the difference between the two is that the m-16 has no spring assistence. With a little practice, Tuf-Glide on the pivot and an inertial flick, it is awesome fast and reliable. Great choice, IMHO.