M-16w Carson Flipper question

Jan 2, 2001
On the CRKT M-16 series with the Carson flipper, does it operate like, or similar to the Kershaw Boa flipper? I have the Mirrage, and I'm pleased with it. I'm interested in the knfe mentioned above in the zytle drop point model.
I mailed Kit Carson July 29 regarding how to operate the flipper, and I got the following reply (hope he doesn't get angry at me for posting his reply...)
With the knife in your hand, like you would hold a pointer, Place your
forefinger on the flipper, place the side of your thumb on the blade, about
half way back, creating a little resistance, pull back on the flipper with
your forefinger, and release your thumb. Takes a little practice but after
a while, you won't even need to "flip" it open.