M.A.K.-1 Reveiws? thoughts? opinions?

Dec 19, 2006
hi guys, I need in-put of a CRK&T M.A.K.-1, get your experiances, thoughts, and reveiws. I have wanted one ever since i saw one behind the glass at Sportsman's Warehouse a year or two ago.


Went to a local gunshow and picked one up for $75; had the nylon sheath with it. figure i'll put a Gerber Multi-plier and and a sharpener in the pouch.

On the CRK&T website it says its made of 3Cr13 (420J2), which a knife steel website says it's "tough" cause its softer. however, its hard to keep sharp regarding the cutting edge. I read on that website and other message boards that 420J2 is cheap steel and easy to work with. So I have 2 questions, 1. is is seriously tough enough to hold up under heavy work for fighrefighters AND military use? & 2. if its inexpensive steel and easy to work with, why is it so expensive?!? MSRP is $85 - $100 depending on the model (luckily i didnt pay MSRP :cool: )

Any info, reveiws, or experiance youve had with this gear, i would like to hear please. Thank you -- Eric
Feb 9, 2005
I had a MAK-1 for a while and found it to be a decent tool, albiet a little on the expensive side. Since I am not in search and rescue my use of it was very limited and I wasn't able to give it what it really begged for. I sent it up to my buddy Grant in Nova Scotia, he has been like me and has not had time to test it. It would be ideal for a firefighter to give us a first hand experience with this tool. Here are some pics from when I had it...




For what it's worth I prefer the Wilson Tactical Cop Tool over the MAK-1