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M.O.D. Dieter ,,M/A?? and an Idea for F/A!

Nov 7, 1999
Hey Guys....

Have any of you guys had a MOD Dieter manual folder apart ???

If my memory serves me well these knives have a push button lock on the side,, much like a MT LUDY Auto....

Now I'll give ya good odds,,that if you take it apart,, it's already set up to be modified into an Auto !!!

Insert a coil spring,,reassemble and Bingo!!

Anyone have one they'd be willing to take apart and have a peak inside ???



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I thought about this, too. And I looked at my Dieter, and puked, as it's put together with those stupid, extremely unreliable spline drive screws. I have a set of spline wrenches, but the screw heads are already partially stripped (typical spline drive problem) from the factory.



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Economies of scale being what they are, I'll bet you're right in speculating that there's a lot of similarity between the manual and auto versions. However, in considering whether the addition of a coil spring could turn the manual into a functioning auto, I was left wondering what would keep the blade secure in the closed position? With the MOD CQD manual version, unlike the auto (or the MT UDT for that matter), the lock button need not be depressed to open the blade. Simply exerting a moderate amount of force on the thumbstud is enough to get the blade open. I would imagine that the power of a compressed coil spring would easily be enough to match this level of force.

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