M.O.D. knives

May 9, 2000
Any thoughts on the M.O.D. line of knives. I am looking at buying the new smaller Dieter CQD, and would like to know what you guys think.
I can't comment on that model personally,although reviews have been very favorable.I have owned a couple of their other auto's and must say quality is up there with Micro-tech.I would say that you would be more than happy with that purchase.
I've handled a MOD Trident and will agree
that the fit and finish is close to, or at,
the Microtech level. The only complaint I'd
level against these knives is how they are
marketed (tactical/fighting/combat) and the
little "mini-bio" on each of their blades.

That said, the new "mini-CQD" has caught my
eye, the carbon tip on the pommel is a nice
touch. I suspect if I'm ever trapped in a car
I'll be wishing for a CQD.


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I can only comment on the fixed bladed Ayoob Razorback I handled. Very solidly built.

I really like the designs of the knives although some of them look too close to the more cultish Microtech Socom. Even the Socom's 6061 aluminum/kraton insert look is getting a bit long-in-tooth. I used to think it looked tactical-cool, but now I find it a bit tiresome as every dime-store folder has that look. Just me, personally.

I just wish MOD would have some larger bladed models in their conventional line.
I've got the full size Dieter and have to say that it is a great knife although a bit large for convenient carry. I'm strongly tempted to get the smaller size. I'd agree that the fit and finish are excellent and the lockup is very solid.

Where are you going to purchase one? I haven't seen them for sale anywhere.

Peter Atwood

Yes Peter that is a problem, but as soon as the boys at 1SKS get them in I think I'm going to get one.
By the way have you noticed a lack of comments on this forum about M.O.D.? I have not been able to find much information.
I have a CQD and a Razorback. I think they are both excellent knives. I have handled some of the other knives they make and the fit is always great. Some of the other models they make are kind of small but so are my Kestrel and Vector and I still like them.
My problem is the name and the newbies that are going to be sucked in. Yes, the knives themselves are near Microtech in quality. Isn't that enough? But face it, it's not a light-saber. I'd like to see these 'masters' go up against my 'cinder block of the Apocalypse' or my 'baseball bat of the Baskervilles.'
It's a hype name for a knife that stands readily on its own.--OKG