M.O.D. Knives

Oct 6, 1999
OK, My wife just started carrying M.O.D. knives. She let me have a CQD, and I love it. The others are in look but don't touch status for me as far as she is concerened. (Evil woman, teasing me like that!) So, who has any of the other M.O.D. knives and how do you like them? Would you recommend them? If you were only offering a limited number of knives at a gunshow, would it be these or others?

Thanks a bunch,

Shamelessly promoting his wife's buisness :)

Love my CQD and Razorback. I would not stick with only MOD if I was going to sell knives. Microtech would be another to good brand to sell. I carry a MOD or Microtech everywhere.
I have a manual Trident. It's a pretty good knife. It's been my daily carry for work for a few months now. Very comfortable handle. This is a utility knife, a hard use utility knife. The only problem I have had with it is that the dual thumb studs started to rotate. They just spin and spin. I can still open the knife with no problem. I will send it off one of these days especially since my new daily carry LCC DA has arrived.
I second the opinion to check out MT's.

Lost a bid on a Janich Tempest at e-bay two weeks ago.